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翻译的标准 The criteria(standard)of translation

信达雅 Fidelity(faithfulness) Fluency(expressiveness) Elegance(flair)

透彻的理解 have a thorough understanding

准确的表达 precise(accurate) expression

意译 free (liberal) translation

直译 literal translation

死译 word-for-word translation

活译 dynamic equivalence translation

重译 repetition

增译 (contextual) amplification

减译 omission

词类转移 conversion

词序调整 inversion

分译 division

正说反译/反说正译 negation

语态变换 the change of the voice

归化/异化 Foreignizing/ Alienation; Domesticating/ Adaptation

对等 equivalence

形式对等 formal correspondence

动态(灵活)对等 dynamic equivalence

意义对等 equivalence in terms of meaning

风格对等 equivalence in terms of style

意合 Parataxis

形合 Hypotaxis

欠额翻译(过载翻译)under translation (overloaded translation)

校核 rectification

释义 paraphrase

翻译学 translatology

翻译科学 science of translating

神似 be alike in spirit (be an excellent likeness)

化镜 sublimity (perfection)




已入化境 reach(attain) perfection

和谐 harmonious

和谐一致 in perfect harmony

不仅形似而且神似 be alike not only in appearance(form) but also in spirit

宁信而不雅 It is better to be faithful than to be elegant


It is better to have a smooth version than a faithful one

Rather be faithful (in thought) than smooth (in language)

保持原文的丰姿 keep the full flavor of the original work

忠实通顺 Faithful(ness) and smooth(ness) (clear and coherent)

忠实的译文 translation true to the original

忠实于原文 true(faithful) to the original
句子不通 the sentence doesn’t read smoothly

他的翻译通顺易懂 his interpretation is coherent and intelligible




1, 译文应完整地再现原文的思想内容

That the translation should give a complete transcript of the ideas of the original work

2, 译文的风格,笔调应与原文的性质相同

That the style and manner of writing should be of the same character with that of the original

3, 译文应象原文一样自然流畅

That the translation should have all the ease of the original composition

Generally speaking, a qualified translator should have

1. a good command of the source language

2. a good command of the target language

3. a wide range and scope of knowledge

4. a high political consciousness

5. a necessary knowledge of basic techniques (skills) used in translation


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